Why is it so difficult to prevent Messi from passing?

The former Spain and the current coach of Real Sociedad B explained why Messi’s blocking of the ball is so difficult.

The former Bayern and Liverpool midfielder spent 5 years at Los Blancos and had the difficult task of stopping the ball of the Argentine superstar Messi.

It was Xabi Alonso, who became the coach of Real Sociedad B recently. He appeared on The Coaches’ Voice and revealed why the 32-year-old captain of Barcelona went so effectively.

His explanation relates to the term ‘misleading number 9’ which in English is called False 9. It will be difficult to prevent players from playing in this position and Messi is a case.

false 9

A player who plays in the role of False 9 must have all the necessary skills such as dribbling, passing, speed, focus, finishing near and far, and a tactical vision to be assertive. Messi is such a player. In other words, this can be understood as the position of the striker backward.

In Messi’s case at Barcelona, ​​he played the deepest and was also the bait, attracting the defender. Moreover, Messi is very active.

According to coach Xavi, the position of False 9 is very difficult to guess. When the opposing player has just reached the gap that Messi creates, but then can not keep up with the direction of the ball that the Barca superstar will perform.

messiHe added that Messi is a very effective player of the False 9 position. This is the challenge for the players tasked with stopping the ball of this superstar. He said it was a great challenge to prevent Messi’s passing.

The current Manchester City coach is Guardiola, who used Messi to play on the right when he was leading Barcelona. However, he had to change that tactic and use Lionel Messi as False 9 to effectively link with the legends Xavi and Iniesta of Barcelona.