The Amitie Family sports club

The Amitie Day event took place last week. Parents also participate in the training time with their children, with effort and sweat on the football field. Join Amitie Day for the whole family to have more beautiful memories together.

Amitie Day is also organized to help parents and teachers, parents and parents understand each other better, strengthen Amitie family’s friendship and build a good educational environment together. . Ending Amitie Day, seeing everyone’s smiles, Amitie teachers and teachers feel so happy. Amitie is excited to continue her parents’ participation in the next Amitie Day.

Amitie Sports Club is a class to develop “non-cognitive abilities” of children, Amitie aims to help children grow up to become successful people in any field and environment in the future. In today’s world, the “cognitive ability” – the term for the possibilities that people are brought up in life is increasingly being noticed.

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This ability is not related to mere learning like math, learning foreign language … And what Amitie is doing, it is towards educating to help children achieve these necessary social capacities for children to firmly master the future.

At Amitie, it is natural to learn football skills, besides that we decide each month’s theme competency, and in the classroom we will apply the promise to encourage specific actions for children to develop their skills. this force.

Teachers will confirm their promises before and after school. During practice, the teacher will give feedback to your child if he is fulfilling his promise.
When this is done thoroughly, children will develop a habit through many actions that keep their promises. Amitie strives to equip children with the necessary skills to grow up into society.

This month’s promise topic is “Care About You”. In the future, in order for children to succeed. Knowing people around you seriously, understanding and empathizing with other people’s feelings is an indispensable ability. And the Amitie classroom aims to equip children with this necessary energy early on.