The 15-year-old player writes a fairy at Wimbledon 2019

Cori Gauff went on to write her fairy tale at the Wimbledon 2019, after winning an “unimaginable” victory over Polona Hercog in Round 3.

The match between Gauff and Hercog (Slovakia, 60th in the world) is the most dramatic duel in Wimbledon 2019 Round 3. The 15-year-old played poorly and lost to Hercog 3-6 in set 1. In set 2, Gauff won a 9-7 dramatic victory in the tie-break series to balance the score after two sets. In the set of 3, the American player rose strongly and won 7-5, thereby upstream success 2-1 after 3 hours of competition.

Gauff’s next opponent in the fourth round was Simona Halep, the No. 7 seed and also the brightest candidate for the Wimbledon championship 2019. In the third round, the Romanian player was not too difficult to win 2. -0 (6-3, 6-1) before Victoria Azarenka.

Just 15 years old, Gauff became a phenomenon at Wimbledon this year. The American player came to the tournament with a special rate for a young player and won all three qualifiers in the main round and became the youngest player to qualify since the 1968 opening era. Later, Gauff was shocked when he defeated Venus Williams, the 5-time champion of Wimbledon in the first round, before the Magdalena Rybarikova, the player who was in the semi-finals in 2017 in the second round.

“I always knew that I could go back no matter what score I was, I just focused on my shots … The audience was amazing, they still tried to dance for me even in the times when I was before, ”Gauff was thrilled to share in the constant applause and passionate cheering of the audience.

Owing to the powerful ballroom and elegant play, Gauff is the brightest hope of American tennis in particular and the world in general. She is on her way to follow the Williams sisters, becoming one of the monuments of women’s tennis.