Talking about Gegenpressing tactics in football

Football sport is more and more tactical, so the terminology also appears more. One of the common terms is Gegenpressing. This is a tactic that always brings fear to the opponent but it is also unavoidable that some disadvantages still exist. Here are some details about this tactic.

This is a methodical approach to the opponent immediately after the player is stripped of the ball. The goal of this strategy is to block counter-lightning strikes.

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And in this situation the home team will take advantage of the opportunity to steal the ball and attack. This “Gegen” strategy is not only applied in practice, even in FIFA games, Gegenpressing FO3 is also used by many gamers.

The first thing required the players in the team to keep a good distance. Each person will have his or her own unique position, but if there is a dispute, it must also regain control of the ball in time.

Next is the 5-second rule of winning the ball. After being stripped of the ball, it must be quickly recovered in any way. If it fails, it must be immediately converted into a defensive position. If the ball is won, it must respond as quickly as the name “Gegen” of the term.

The opponent who is holding the ball will have to create a pass if your team is fiercely approached. In that situation, their teammates would be blocked off the way, it’s only a matter of time to get the ball out of their hands.

When our team player had too little time to consider which side to move the ball to, it was surrounded by your team. One person will rob that ball, and the other will block any opponent’s blockade. And there will be one more person to make sure things go smoothly by creating space.

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In orientation, the players will be arranged in alternating positions between opponents. Whoever holds the ball will have more time to pass the ball and not be approached. But sometimes this strategy will be caught by some of your team players.

When the ball is stolen, the players in the nearby area will rush to reclaim it. This will disrupt the structure of the squad. This is no longer relevant to the tactical nature of football.