Spend big money, Liverpool is about to get Real Madrid’s hot player

According to British media, the Liverpool club are ready to play all hands to be able to recruit Real Madrid midfielder Isco. Liverpool decide to spend a lot of money to buy midfielder Isco.

Isco has just undergone an unsuccessful season at Real Madrid in this year. Last season, the Spanish midfielder almost did not contribute anything to the playing style and achievements of Real Madrid.

The star was born in 1992, only played 11 times in La Liga and scored 1 goal. Even when Zidane returned to the Bernabeu, the performance of the former Malaga star also showed no signs of improvement.

The Spanish midfielder was too prominent in the second half of the 2016/17 season, making a big contribution to Real Madrid’s Champions League and La Liga championship. Even in Spain, Isco also played greatly, especially in the victory against Italy in the 2018 World Cup qualifying rounds. However, when it was considered the mainstay of Real Madrid, Isco suddenly fell dramatically. The 25-year-old star has fallen so badly that he has become a thorn in the eyes of coach Zinedine Zidane.

Because of this, there are reports that Real Madrid is willing to sell Isco if it is priced. The sale of Isco will be used by Real to bring back Paul Pogba from M.U or Christian Eriksen from Tottenham.

Catching this information, many teams are also ready to sit at the negotiating table with Real to successfully recruit Isco, namely Man City, M.U, PSG or Juventus.

And in a recent development, the Liverpool club also jumped on. Specifically, according to AS, Liverpool charges £ 71.2 million to bring Isco back to Anfield. Coach Jurgen Klopp needs to continue to replenish the Red Brigade to look for new successes for the next season, but the goal of winning the Premier League is prerequisite.

Liverpool’s £ 71.2 million fee is enough to convince Real Madrid, if Man City do not bid higher. The acquisition of Isco is expected to be completed soon.