Pep Guardiola’s mistake leads to City’s loss to Norwich

Coach Pep Guardiola made a serious mistake that City lost to Norwich rookie in round 5 of the Premier League and Liverpool was far ahead of the rankings.

Coach Pep Guardiola put Kevin de Bruyne on the bench as a guest on Norwich’s Carrow Road in Round 5 of the Premier League. This is really a gamble when De Bruyne is extremely high in both club and national colors.

Not to mention, the last time Man City failed when De Bruyne played the full 90 minutes also took place 17 months ago. But coach Pep Guardiola still believes Man City can beat Norwich without De Bruyne having to start from the beginning.

The Spanish strategist made this decision to keep De Bruyne in front of the tight schedule ahead.

“I put a lot of faith in Gundogan. He is an important player for us … Not every player can play continuously. Kevin (De Bruyne) was in excellent form during the preparation for the new season and the first rounds of this season. But he played 2 matches in the national team and experience told me to let him rest to avoid injury. In the next 3-4 matches, we had a difficult game, a long journey to Ukraine to play in the Champions League and just 3 days after that against Watford. Therefore, I have to rotate the force so that every player can join the match”

However, Man City were 3-1 behind by Norwich after 50 minutes and forced Pep Guardiola to use De Bruyne earlier than expected. The Belgian quickly made a change after coming on for Gundogan after 57 minutes.

But the late effort of De Bruyne and his teammates only helped Man City get one more goal. The rare wrong decision of coach Pep Guardiola still makes Man City pay with a shock defeat to rookie Premier League. More importantly, City are 5 points behind Liverpool after the first 5 rounds and this could be a turning point in the competition of the two teams this season.