Murray returns: things are not easy

Andy Murray is trying to find himself after injury but it seems that things are not easy.

Last month, while familiar colleagues were busy competing at the last Grand Slam in the US Open, Andy Murray unexpectedly appeared at the Rafael Nadal Open, a tournament under the ATP Challenger Tour system organized by Rafael’s Tennis Academy.

This information brings a lot of surprises because with the level of the player who used to stand on the top of the world, Andy can at most condescend to compete in the ATP 250 tournaments. But that does not matter, Murray simply wants to play.

The constant evil ear injury makes Andy no longer the appearance of a man in the Big Four group. After a second hip surgery earlier this year, Murray choked on revealing plans to retire at Wimbledon.

But Murray never put up the racket. Try your best at top competitions such as ATP Masters 1000 or ATP 500, Scottish tennis players come to ATP Challenger. He went to the third round of the Rafael Nadal Open before being eliminated by Matteo Viola.

The following week he continued to play ATP Challenger. Legendary John McEnroe said that Murray seemed to be physically unsatisfied, through the matches he attended. Murray’s mobility is not good.

Notably, John McEnroe also compared Roger Federer. Reaching 36 years old in 2016 and getting a knee injury, Federer is thought to say goodbye to tennis but he came back horribly in 2017.

Federer won the Australian Open early in 2017, despite struggling to recover for six months. Also in 2017, he won another Grand Slam, Wimbledon, and many other noble ATP titles.

Legendary John McEnroe did not believe that Murray could do such an amazing thing as Federer. He said that with hard training, injury pushed back and luck, Andy Murray hopes to return to the top 10.