How to choose football shoes that fit your feet

A good pair of soccer shoes – good soccer shoes must really fit your feet, suitable for the location of the game as well as the pitch you play. But not everyone knows how to choose a pair of shoes that best suit the conditions of their yard.

So how can you choose the shoes that are best for you, help protect your feet, support playing football and express yourself? Determine your position, style, play style will help you choose for yourself the best soccer shoes. If you invest well in a certain position, it will help improve the best skills.

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The goalkeeper is the last in the defense, tasked with protecting the home team goal and preventing the opponent from scoring goals. The goalkeeper is the only person on the court that is allowed to touch the ball with his hand, so protecting his goalkeeper is extremely important. But goalkeeper shoes are also important.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

As for football, the goalkeeper also holds a few defenders in a number of mandatory situations, and is also the person who directly shoots the ball to score. But the truth is if choosing the right shoes will help maximize the skills of a goalkeeper

Playing in this position, usually the shoes will be very durable, because less moving on the field. However, the goalie shoes need good grip, and the comfort needed to move flexibly in small areas. For the attacking midfielder position in professional football, they often use their own line of soccer shoes that support the ability to control the ball.

When choosing shoes for defenders, you need to choose shoes with puddle soles, stick to the yard well so that when accelerating, you will not slip. The shoes also need to have strong leather protection so that when entering the ball or stepping on the foot is okay.