Going swimming in the winter: Should or should not

What do you think of challenging yourself in the winter swimming? Around the world, many countries have this custom, and obviously, they will swim in the freezing cold water in the freezing weather. But there are many benefits to doing this, and how good it is, we will know in the following this article!

Swimming in the cold waters of winter is said to be for exercise. Every morning and evening, they jumped into the creek and swam for a few hours. They said that, after starting to swim in the winter, they had gained health benefits and did not need to see a doctor.

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A 63-year-old university professor, he swims in the winter for about 3 years and his arthritis has subsided. In addition, the movement of swimming in the winter is increasingly popular in the world. In some countries, there are also charities from the swim movement in the winter.

The experience of swimmers is that the beginner should try exposure only for a few seconds, then when the experience can be in the water for a minute or two. And anyone intending to swim in the cold winter water should consult a doctor.

According to the research of scientists, going swimming in winter helps to consume energy 30 percent better than summer. Going swimming in the winter you can still keep in shape, minimize fat accumulation in the body.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Health will be maintained and greatly improved to prevent diseases of the joints and muscles. It can be said that swimming is the best sport, due to the rhythmic coordination of parts of the body and all muscles are active.

When exercising properly in terms of time, manner, speed, etc., the effect will be gained to improve health, help muscles operate flexibly and spiritually to relax. Swimming effectively burns calories equivalent to running, even more effectively.