Formula 1 and the rennovation in the 2021 season (Part 2)

In order for new philosophies to come into practice soon, Liberty also aims at a minimal management mechanism for F1.

“The World Sports Racing Federation (FIA) needs to make every decision, and the teams have no right to interfere. Because every team wants the law to benefit them. Like in football, if the clubs have the right to influencing the rules of the game, they will only want to benefit themselves. The purpose of organizations like the FIA ​​is to turn the attractive F1 back, and they need to have full control, ” Lewis Hamilton said.

Liberty wants to give bonuses to engine suppliers. Mercedes, Ferrari or Renault teams can receive twice the bonus.

Revenue distribution must also be more fair. Currently, revenue from F1 is divided among teams according to their rank in the season. In addition, Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren and Williams are also rewarded for many reasons, including past achievements and engagement with F1. From 2021, Liberty wants a more equitable revenue distribution system, to encourage F1 engine vendors to join.

Much of the cost of F1 teams lies in salaries and allowances for employees. The big three invested a lot in engineering groups, designed to create the most powerful cars. If the draft is passed, they will have to reduce staffing. This is an opportunity for smaller teams to catch up with their opponents.

Liberty also ask for fairness for riders. “F1 is only having three competing teams. But in the next few years, the situation will change. Mid-range teams will have more influence on the final results,” Brawn said.

Liberty wants riders to handle situations such as overheating or worn tires, instead of getting help from the race team through radio. A number of rider assistants are also under consideration. “I think F1 drivers are not much different. The difference between them lies in the construction of the cars,” Daniil Kvyat (Toro Rosso) shared.

Liberty also aims at new roads which gain audiences’ impression.

There are many organizations that influence Liberty’s new strategy, like the FIA, racing teams or riders’ associations. They do not always agree and Liberty or FIA can insist on the changes they intend to apply.