Federer and his special one -handed left shot in tennis

Even when Roger Federer turned the old age of his career, people still have to be fascinated by his genius left flaps. There are many reasons to prove that, perhaps because in contemporary tennis, players using left shots with one hand are increasingly rare to find.

And it may not be long before an outstanding one-handed backhand legend like Federer emerges. One of the keys to Federer being able to perform a one-handed left-hand effort and flexibility is his extraordinary ability to maintain balance.

When he is left, Federer keeps his upper and lower body in the same direction, almost unchanged. Federer’s left hand in the left flung is not “redundant”, but a balance for his body. But surely watching Federer’s perfect backhand moves still has a fascinating touch to anyone wishing to learn this technique.

Even when the left hand goes back and forth, it helps the shoulder when rotating does not fall and the power to the right hand can launch the left shot more force.

Many tennis players at this step have completely turned their shoulders parallel to the baseline but doing so will cause the blow to lack power and control. Federer can be seen after touching the ball with his shoulder still level with the baseline.

Of course, Federer’s left shot does not perform a hundred shots like the depicted pictorial steps and slow-motion situation. Depending on the situation and at the moment Federer can perform a different left shot.

At the end of the left kick, Federer lifts his body and the center of gravity is completely on his right leg, his left foot is raised reflexively. The almost perfectly balanced body after the kick is the most difficult trait for anyone wanting to emulate Federer’s left shot.

It can be the unpredictable passing when the opponent gets on the net. It could be the vertical kick when the opponent is forced to the corner, and maybe the ball is finished. So Federer one-handed backhand is as great as the legend himself in tennis!