Explaining the Lewandowski phenomenon

The Champions League is a different league, where people deal with each other strategically, and it is not easy to score with fluency in a given playstyle, in a familiar school, like the league. There is no problem. Robert Lewandowski has always scored for Bayern Munich every time he plays, a total of 5 goals in 3 matches this season.

He always scored every time he played in the Bundesliga or the German National Cup. A total of 18 goals in 12 matches, in 3 different leagues since the beginning of the season. In one place or another, one waits to see which star will score, in which match. As for Lewandowski, the odd question this season has yet to be answered: where will the first match be in the Bundesliga or the Champions League, without scoring?

Forget both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Not to mention Raheem Sterling, Sergio Aguero, Kylian Mbappe or the whole of Liverpool’s notorious striker. Since the beginning of 2019, no one has reached the ideal performance of 1 goal per game, like Lewandowski (36 goals in 36 matches).

Robert Lewandowski vẫn luôn ghi bàn cho Bayern Munich đều như vắt chanh  /// AFP

Strangely, Lewandowski did not play in the ranks of a strong Bayern. Everyone knows, coach Niko Kovac can be fired at any time, from last season to this season. In the current Bundesliga, Bayern has won only 50% of the matches played, the same points with the other two teams and below Moenchengladbach, Wolfsburg. In the general context of a seemingly chaotic race in the Bundesliga, Bayern is now only 1 point better than the Leverkusen team in the middle of the rankings. Yet Lewandowski has always been successful. He owns 55% of Bayern’s total goals in the Bundesliga this season.

Lewandowski’s ability to score and shine independently becomes clearer when you look at the Polish team. He has just scored a hat-trick in the game against Latvia not long ago, and contributed a great deal to help Poland officially win a ticket to the UEFA EURO 2020. With 60 goals in 110 caps for the national team, Lewandowski has been the greatest striker in Polish team history.

Looking closely at the professional aspect, Lewandowski has no clear knack. And that was the first danger. The opponent is not easy to catch cards to prevent Lewandowski, like moving ahead to block the forte turning from the wing into the middle and launching Arjen Robben’s shot. Statistics of goals scored by Lewandowski, experts were discouraged because no noticeable repeats were drawn. Meaning that any type of scoring goals. From tools (using head or any leg) to situation (inside or outside the restricted area, open or fixed situation); from playing (attacking in the middle or swinging wings) to technique (dribbling through people, catching volley or cushioning the heart simply).

Lý giải “hiện tượng” Lewandowski - ảnh 1

Gerd Mueller is one of the greatest legends in the history of the Bundesliga, because he doesn’t need to show any beauty other than scoring. Like an old wolf, Mueller just dazedly moved, passed or passed innocently. But when the opportunity appeared in the penalty area, it was unknown when or how, Mueller was present at the right time, in the right place, and scored as if to get the job done. Nobody remembers any goal from Mueller.

It is the instinct to hunt the upper hand. Lewandowski currently has the same instinct. The difference is: Mueller has almost nothing to do (besides “sniffing the chance to score”) in ancient football, while Lewandowski can do anything he needs to do, in modern football. Speed ​​up, take positions, apply techniques, even be creative. The reason Lewandowski doesn’t seem to have a knack is that whatever he does is good.