Champions League Final: Experience decides victory

The 2019 Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpool will be the seventh national final in the history of the tournament, after matches between Real and Valencia in 2000, AC Milan and Juventus in 2003, Man United and Chelsea in 2008, Bayern and Dortmund in 2013, Atletico and Real in 2014 and 2016.

The winners in the previous 6 finals are Real, AC Milan, Man United, Bayern and again Real. So do you realize what the common point of the names is triumphant over the competition? The answer is the experience in the European Cup. The winning teams have the number of times to improve the championship, the number of times to reach the C1 / Champions League Cup final is higher than the opponent.

Although the current form is not equal (typically the final match between Real and Atletico in 2016), but winning in the domestic matches are all belong to teams with a long history. If considering the 25th Champions League on a broad scale, from 1993 with the first champion Marseille to Real last year, we have 18/25 winning teams with a higher standing history than our competitors extremely high: 72%.

Saying far away, 3 days ago Chelsea beat Arsenal in the Europa League final. Looking back, it is clear that Chelsea has a better history than Arsenal in the European Cup. Chelsea have 4 times the European Cup champion, including 1 Champions League; and Arsenal only had a C2 championship (1994) and a C3 championship (1970).

Obviously, although football is full of surprises, it seems that the Champions League is still the same as the World Cup, the champions are those who traditionally won the previous tournaments. Many causes have been shown, but in short there are 3 main reasons. The first is the experience, the senior football teams in the Champions League final understand the culture of this tournament, know what to do, prepare, know how to get ready in love. They don’t have to face it for the first time, it’s something that lesser-known teams don’t have.

The second reason is the psychology, the players of the first team in the Champions League final are mostly “overwhelmed” by the atmosphere, the greatness of the match they face. Look at Liverpool last year when you met Real. We see that when we go into the game, Liverpool players are like those who run in the dark to dispel the fear.