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Talking about Gegenpressing tactics in football

Football sport is more and more tactical, so the terminology also appears more. One of the common terms is Gegenpressing. This is a tactic that always brings fear to the opponent but it is also unavoidable that

Benefits of practicing sports with friends

Many scientific studies in the world have shown the unexpected benefits of practicing with friends. If the above figures are not convincing enough, please refer to the following great benefits. This will be an opportunity for you to both

The Amitie Family sports club

The Amitie Day event took place last week. Parents also participate in the training time with their children, with effort and sweat on the football field. Join Amitie Day for the whole family to have more beautiful

Caldara can still play crucial role for AC Milan despite injury (Part 2)

There have been goals conceded and countless occasions where Musacchio involved some element of a mistake, and the hope remains that he will perhaps adopt a more suitable role as quality depth or eventually be pushed down

Explaining the Lewandowski phenomenon

The Champions League is a different league, where people deal with each other strategically, and it is not easy to score with fluency in a given playstyle, in a familiar school, like the league. There is no

Chelsea won 1-0 over Newcastle United and ranked third in the Premier League

On Saturday at Stamford Bridge Marcos Alonso found a way to give Chelsea a hard-earned 1-0 win through Newcastle United’s resolute defence. The inspiration eventually arrived in the 73rd minute although a 4-1 victory over Southampton two

Liverpool’s unrest situation has not ended

Liverpool are still following the impressive series of matches in the Premier League 2019/2020 when they have won all their first 8 matches this season. But behind those achievements are issues that have not yet been resolved

Iran women were allowed to watch FIFA soccer game for the first time

On Thursday thousands of Iranian women were allowed to freely attend at the first FIFA soccer match in decades although the stadium was practically empty and women had to sit well apart from the men. They cheered

Why is it so difficult to prevent Messi from passing?

The former Spain and the current coach of Real Sociedad B explained why Messi’s blocking of the ball is so difficult. The former Bayern and Liverpool midfielder spent 5 years at Los Blancos and had the difficult

Gareth Southgate is Tottenham’s No.1 choice to replace Mauricio Pochettino

England boss Gareth Southgate has been identified as Tottenham ‘s No1 choice to replace Mauricio Pochettino if  Argentine leaves the club. It would have been the peak of a five-year project for Mauricio Pochettino before last season’s