There are many exciting sports in the world, but only a few stand out amongst the rest in terms of popularity. Football is considered the most popular sport. The reason why most sports fans associate with football is because of the excitement and passion which is embedded in this game. Also, the element of pride and affection which fans and players feel for their teams, colours most people’s hearts with joy.

Here are some reasons why football is the world’s most popular sport.


Major football events such as the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions League bring close to three billion people together. These numbers are mostly achieved due to the marketing involved in popularising football. With companies investing millions of dollars in sponsorship deals, you are bound to come across the word football everywhere you go.

Internationally Played

Another thing which makes football popular is the fact that it is played internationally. Unlike cricket, baseball and basketball, which are associated with specific regions, football is global. The football governing body, FIFA, has 211 official member countries, which implies that fans from different parts of the world have a chance to identify themselves with their team.


Football is one of the easiest sports to follow or play. Unlike other sports, anyone who has never participated in football can understand the basics when they see it for the first time. Football is all about spending 90 minutes trying to outscore your opponent without using your hands. Anyone new to football can start playing the game before he or she starts learning about other complex rules such as corners, free kicks, offside, high-boot, back-pass, or sportsmanship behaviour as they go on.

Football enjoys a massive following on a global scale. With lots of events or tournaments which bring millions of fans together often, it is correct to say that football is second to none.