Cricket enjoys a massive following on a global scale. With earnest English roots, this sport is quite popular amongst English colonies. It is now evident that this ball-and-bat game has stood the tests of time. Based on popularity, cricket is believed to be second to football, which has made its claim as the world’s most popular sport for a long time. Claims that cricket is second to football based on popularity are backed up by factual evidence.

Cricket Economics

Largely, cricket enjoys a massive fan-base in South Asia. Well aware that close to a fifth of the world’s population comes from this part of the world partly explains why cricket commands a huge following.

Cricket is more like a pseudo-religion in India, which has a massive population of more than a billion people. These numbers, combined with those from Pakistan, Australia, England, and other countries, is what makes cricket the second most popular sport in the world.

It is worth noting that the popularity of cricket is confined to certain parts of the world. This explains why cricket leagues are predominantly found in countries where the sport has a strong following. In light of this fact, the International Cricket Council has been keen to incorporate some dynamism into the game, with intentions of growing its popularity in other parts of the world.

Growth Prospects

The introduction of the Twenty20 format brought some dynamism into the sport. This format has led to the rise of domestic leagues, which have been key in cricket’s burgeoning popularity. In Africa, for instance, cricket enjoys a significant edge over other popular sports such as basketball, tennis, field hockey, and rugby. In light of these improvements, and its presence in most continents, it is safe to say that there is room for growth as far as the numbers are concerned.