Ben Askren will confront Demian Maia at UFC Singapore

The confrontation between the two high-class fighters will be the focal point of the UFC event taking place in Singapore on October 26. Ben Askren will compete against Demian Maia in a 5-game match.

Recently, UFC president Dana White confirmed that Ben Askren will return to the ring in October, in Singapore, in a confrontation with Demian Maia.

Before the match was officially announced, Askren posted on the Instagram social network that he and Maia had signed a competition contract. This information has been confirmed by Demian Maia on Instagram. Askren hopes that the match with Brazilian Demian Maia is a chance for him to regain his form after his first loss in his career – at the recent UFC 239 event, Ben Askren received his first loss in his career before Jorge Masvidal with a flying blow for 5 seconds.

On the side of Demian Maia, experienced martial artist in Brazilian martial arts is highly appreciated after an impressive victory over Anthony Rocco Martin or Lyman Good this year. These victories smashed the fanfare from the fans due to three consecutive losing matches.

Demian Maia started playing for UFC from the UFC 77 event in 2007, at the Middleweight weight class. So far he has played for more than 10 years. Maia once challenged Anderson Silva to win the Middleweight and Tyron Woodley titles for the Welterweight championship, but unfortunately both failed.

Currently aged 41, Maia has said he understands that his career is not long, but he is not ready to give up MMA.

The confrontation between Askren and Maia will take place at the second UFC event in Singapore. This is considered a move to exploit the audience at the UFC Asian market. More specifically, it can be seen that this is an opponent provocative move in the Asian market ONE Championship when this tournament is headquartered in Singapore.

“Singapore is a very important market for UFC, we want to promote the development of MMA in Asia,” said Kevin Chang, vice president of UFC Asia Pacific when asked about the UFC’s next step in the Asian market.