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Chelsea won 1-0 over Newcastle United and ranked third in the Premier League

On Saturday at Stamford Bridge Marcos Alonso found a way to give Chelsea a hard-earned 1-0 win through Newcastle United’s resolute defence. The inspiration eventually arrived in the 73rd minute although a 4-1 victory over Southampton two

Liverpool’s unrest situation has not ended

Liverpool are still following the impressive series of matches in the Premier League 2019/2020 when they have won all their first 8 matches this season. But behind those achievements are issues that have not yet been resolved

Iran women were allowed to watch FIFA soccer game for the first time

On Thursday thousands of Iranian women were allowed to freely attend at the first FIFA soccer match in decades although the stadium was practically empty and women had to sit well apart from the men. They cheered

Why is it so difficult to prevent Messi from passing?

The former Spain and the current coach of Real Sociedad B explained why Messi’s blocking of the ball is so difficult. The former Bayern and Liverpool midfielder spent 5 years at Los Blancos and had the difficult

Tennis in the 4.0 revolution

In the era of the 4.0 revolution, tennis, like many other sports, is not outside the law of change and development. Go behind in the tennis In Brent Salazar’s previous job as a fitness coach at the

Gareth Southgate is Tottenham’s No.1 choice to replace Mauricio Pochettino

England boss Gareth Southgate has been identified as Tottenham ‘s No1 choice to replace Mauricio Pochettino if  Argentine leaves the club. It would have been the peak of a five-year project for Mauricio Pochettino before last season’s

Murray returns: things are not easy

Andy Murray is trying to find himself after injury but it seems that things are not easy. Last month, while familiar colleagues were busy competing at the last Grand Slam in the US Open, Andy Murray unexpectedly

Pep Guardiola’s mistake leads to City’s loss to Norwich

Coach Pep Guardiola made a serious mistake that City lost to Norwich rookie in round 5 of the Premier League and Liverpool was far ahead of the rankings. Coach Pep Guardiola put Kevin de Bruyne on the

Ceballos responded “sweetly” to Real Madrid and Zidane

Dani Ceballos once again gave Real Madrid another impressive performance, which happened after he was rejected by coach Zidane from the plan this season. While Real Madrid had only four real central midfielders for the whole season,

Rui Hachimura helplessly witnessed Japan’s loss to Turkey

The Japanese team came to the FIBA ​​World Cup with much expectation, but their NBA talents could not make a deal against a strong Turkey. The Japanese team did not have a good memory on returning to