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Some interesting secrets about sexy dance

Sexy dance originated from “Jazz funk”, a dance genre from Latin America that blends Hiphop and Jazz dance. Most of the students who came to the class were interested in performing theater, dancing when going to parties

The Amitie Family sports club

The Amitie Day event took place last week. Parents also participate in the training time with their children, with effort and sweat on the football field. Join Amitie Day for the whole family to have more beautiful

How to choose football shoes that fit your feet

A good pair of soccer shoes – good soccer shoes must really fit your feet, suitable for the location of the game as well as the pitch you play. But not everyone knows how to choose a

Chess is a special sport

Firstly, talking about the characteristics of chess, this is an intellectual sport. There is a history of more than 2000 years and a large number of players worldwide. FIDE’s goal for 2020 is to bring the number

Going swimming in the winter: Should or should not

What do you think of challenging yourself in the winter swimming? Around the world, many countries have this custom, and obviously, they will swim in the freezing cold water in the freezing weather. But there are many benefits

The great spiritual benefits of sport

You know that sport is good for physical health. In recent years, studies have also shown that sport has a positive effect on your mental health. Want to find joy and relaxation? Get involved in a physical

The amazing win of Roger Federer over Novak Djokovic in four years (Part 1)

On Thursday in London Roger Federer jumped and roared under the lights of the O2. It’s not a roar too often heard all from the suave Swiss who usually level-headed. It wasn’t a roar borne out of

Caldara can still play crucial role for AC Milan despite injury (Part 2)

There have been goals conceded and countless occasions where Musacchio involved some element of a mistake, and the hope remains that he will perhaps adopt a more suitable role as quality depth or eventually be pushed down

Rugby World Cup 2019 semi-final: story of South Africa’s victory over Wales (Part 2)

Wales looking to capitalise on their pressure with Rhys Patchell sliced an attempted drop-goal wide, but Pollard kept his composure to end Wales’ hopes as Dillon Lewis’ rash decision to drive into the maul proved decisive. After

Qatar is accused of exploiting migrant workers for the 2022 World Cup

According to a statement by Amnesty International (AI), thousands of migrant workers in Qatar are unpaid, although the country has repeatedly promised to improve workers’ rights before the 2022 World Cup finals. According to the report, hundreds