A closer look at most animal species reveals that play is an inborn trait. By playing, most creatures can develop both their physical and cognitive abilities. By so doing, they brace themselves for survival. On the other hand, human beings have an infinite desire to learn and have fun. Despite having superior cognitive abilities, we need sport to develop, test, and define essential life skills.

In ancient times, sports fields were used as training grounds for battle. Warriors were able to learn, practise, and master their skills through sport. And after a while, games became the gateway to adulthood, where young men displayed their strength, speed, and intelligence.

Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are as old as the word sport. The first Olympic event was held in Ancient Greece in the year 776 BC. Some of the games featured in this inaugural event were combat arts, wrestling, javelin, archery, marathon, and shotput. Equestrian sports were also developed in this period, but they were a preserve of a few countries.

Team sports, ball, and vehicle are the inventions of recent times. Basketball, football, hockey, volleyball, polo, skiing, cycling, and motocross are just but a few examples of these inventions. As much as these developments have transformed sport, the spirit of athletics remains the same.

Sports Today

It is clear that sport evolved from the need to survive, but in recent times, it has become highly commercialised. Modern sporting events are designed to celebrate strength, endurance, and intelligence. Sports play a constructive role in most communities, but they have also been subjected to abuse by the dominant class in most societies. Overall, sports have been used as a tool to reveal our potential for a perfect physique, mental prowess, and collective efforts.

Besides its benefits to human development, it has also transformed humanity in many ways. Sports can be used to make money; either by active play or as a fan through sports betting.